RBR Ocean Science Slam graduate research competition

12 March 2019

Graduate Researchers would you like the chance to win £500 at the RBR Ocean Science Slam, taking place alongside Ocean Business 2019 and Ocean Careers at the National Oceanography Centre (Southampton) on Wednesday 10th April (12:10-13:00)?

Deadline for applications: 25th March

Fusing passion with cutting-edge science, the RBR Ocean Science Slam brings research onto the centre stage in an exciting and unconventional format.

A Science Slam is a competition that allows early career scientists to share their research with a general audience in a creative, engaging, and non-traditional presentation.

The RBR Ocean Science Slam is intended for graduate students engaged in ocean science and technology research to present their research to a wide audience.

The event will connect graduate students and early careers scientists with prospective employers, as well as leading research faculty, and innovative ocean technology companies.

Students will have the opportunity to learn more about the exciting world of ocean science and technology.

Researchers can demonstrate how their work is enabling new discoveries.

Companies will have the opportunity to scout promising new technologies, trending applications, and professional staff.


Competitors are limited to exactly five minutes to present a portion of their research to the audience and are judged based on communication skills, audience engagement, and scientific accuracy. The use of a projector is not allowed, but small props and creative presentation styles are encouraged.

The Science Slam format provides an informal medium for researchers to develop communication skills that are critical for engaging with a wide audience, including the general public, media, and private industries.

Judges and awards

The audience will form the jury and vote on the winner. The winner will receive an award of £500.


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