Italian Hydrographic Society joins IFHS

14 February 2013

Aldo Monaca, President of Italian Hydrographic SocietyAfter almost two years as an associate member of the organisation, the Italian Hydrographic Society (IHS) has been elected a full member of the International Federation of Hydrographic Societies (IFHS).

Based in Catania, Sicily, the IHS is a non-profit enterprise representing leading hydrographic surveying individuals and organisations throughout Italy.  Speaking about his society's membership of IFHS, IHS President Aldo Monaca commented:  

"It is a real honour for the Italian Hydrographic Society to be a member of the Federation and we look forward to pursuing common objectives together with the other member societies. I would like to thank all the people who  have played an active part in getting the Italian Hydrographic Society to this point, without their help and support we could not have achieved this." 

The Italian Hydrographic Society can be contact at


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