Italian Hydrographic Society becomes Associate Member of IFHS

23 April 2011

The Sicily-based Italian Hydrographic Society (IHS), founded in July 2010, has recently become the Federation's first Associate Member following receipt of an application for membership submitted to the IFHS Executive Committee (Exec) by the IHS Chairman Aldo Monaca.

The Exec felt that, for a currently very small and new established society, Associate Membership would be most appropriate at this stage. However IHS's application for full membership will be reconsidered after 18 months. Provided the Exec is then satisfied that IHS is a viable, democratic, not-for-profit organisation with objectives in keeping with those identified in the Federation's statement of Purpose, IHS will then be awarded full membership.

The Federation's other member societies are the Australasian Hydrographic Society, Hydrographic Society Benelux, Hydrographic Society Denmark, the German Hydrographic Society, Hydrographic Society of South Africa and The Hydrographic Society UK.


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