Questionnaire on data quality in navigational charts/ENC

11 April 2011

The International Hydrographic Organization has formed a working group to study how data quality is presented in navigational paper charts and ENCs. Although both paper charts and ENCs currently show the quality of data in several ways, it is widely thought that many of these are not understood by mariners or that what they indicate is of little or no use (i.e. mariners do not alter how they navigate because of the indicated quality of the data).

To help devise a better and more meaningful way of showing the quality of the underlying data we would welcome the help of as many mariners as possible through the completion of a questionnaire.

This questionnaire can be downloaded from the IHO's website at or can be filled in online at

The questionnaire is not a test so please do not look up the answers 'to get a good score'. Knowing
which data quality indicators are understood and knowing whether they alter how mariners navigate is the intended result.

The downloaded pdf questionnaire should be completed and returned (by email or post) to the address quoted on the form by 27th May. The online version of the questionnaire must also be completed by 27th May. Both the pdf and the online versions ask the same questions - you do not need to complete both!


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