IHO symposium on historical measurement and protection of the oceans

19 November 2018

In conjunction with the International Association of Maritime Studies (IAMS) at the Piri Reis University, Turkey and Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) is organising a  free to attend international symposium of 'Historical Approach for Measuring and Protecting of World Oceans and Waters' which will be held at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco on 20-21 June 2019.

Covering more than two-thirds of the earth's surface, world oceans and waters are at the origins of life on earth and makes it habitable for mankind. They also provide a vital source of nourishment, especially for people in the developing nations. World oceans provide benefits to economic sectors such as great fisheries, energy, tourism, and transport/shipping, as well as other benefits such as climate regulation, carbon sequestration, habitat and biodiversity among many others.

The world's oceans and their resources are also a part of our common heritage and an important part of many cultures, whose beliefs and practices are closely associated with the marine and coastal environment. The protection of these natural and cultural marine heritage sites can foster sustainable development, especially for developing countries. Therefore, reviewing historical approaches to mapping, sea and ocean floor research and associated technological developments can aid future advances and sustainable projects.

The 2019 Monaco International Symposium will create an international platform for exchanging knowledge and experience on the history of measuring and protecting world oceans and waters. It will also be a forum where researchers and academics from all around the world can contribute to our understanding of all aspects of the world oceans and their place in human history, review advances in measuring and mapping the oceans and examine the steps to be taken to protect the marine environment in the future.

Abstracts on themes including: history of mapping technology at sea (portolans etc.); historical rules and regulations to protect marine environment; computers and oceanography; protecting the world's oceans and living resources; and historical research in the Arctic Seas are now invited.

All 300-500 word abstracts must be submitted, in MS Word format, to RAdm(R) Dr Ibrahim Akin (iakin@pirireis.edu.tr) by 18 January 2019.


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