Fugro Academy launches Cat B training course

1 August 2018

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Fugro's Applied Hydrographic Survey training course has been awarded globally-recognised Category B (Cat B) accreditation by the International Board on Standards of Competence for Hydrographic Surveyors and Nautical Cartographers (IBSC).

The internally developed 24-week programme, delivered by the in-house training team at the Fugro Academy Training Centre in Plymouth (UK), is the world's first industry-run programme to meet the stringent standards set by the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and International Cartographic Association (ICA).

In developing the programme, the trainers were able to draw on the experience and expertise Fugro has gained in more than half a century of gathering and processing offshore survey data.

Scheduled to run from January 2019, the programme is open to Fugro staff and external applicants who meet the prerequisites. Completion will indicate an individual has the relevant professional, technical knowledge and skills to prepare and deliver hydrographic products and services.


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