French Connection for IFHS

29 January 2016

The Association Francophone d'Hydrographie (AFHy), which represents the worldwide interests of private and public stakeholders in hydrography throughout France and French-speaking countries, was recently elected the ninth member of the International Federation of Hydrographic Societies (IFHS).

With headquarters in Margny-les-Compiegne near Paris, AFHy serves as a dedicated forum for exchange, promotion and discussion of wide-ranging hydrographic issues between researchers, equipment manufacturers and surveyors within academic, private and public sectors of industry.

It is also active in the promotion of education and training in hydrography on behalf of members and stakeholders as well as development of common scientific and technical projects supported by seminars and workshops.

AFHy joins the Federation's other member organisations in Australasia, Benelux, Denmark, Germany, Italy, South Africa, South Korea and the UK. 


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  IFHS Workshop | 17 June 

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