About Hydrography

What is hydrography?

Hydrography is the measurement of various physical characteristics of the oceans (or other waters) such as bottom depth, currents and waves.

Although hydrographic surveys were traditionally carried out in order to produce navigation charts, nowadays such surveys are used in many applications from the oil and gas industry, to leisure activities and the fishing industry.

Why is hydrography important?

The oceans are a hugely important resource, covering over 70% of the Earth's surface and our uses of the sea are increasing all the time. It is therefore necessary for us to know what is happening in the oceans but with the majority still unsurveyed that means that we need hydrographic surveyors!

Where do hydrographers work?

There are several different sorts of organisations that employ hydrographers, such as National Charting Agencies, Port Authorities, Contract companies, or you could even be freelance.

What sort of people make good hydrographers?

A hydrographic surveyor can spend long periods at sea, so will need to be able to work in a cramped environment, and be able to spend time away from home.

You will also need to able to work with other people, and must be able to concentrate to make sure that your survey is of good quality!

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