The International Federation of Hydrographic Societies (IFHS) is a unique partnership of learned national and regional hydrographic societies that, through its worldwide membership, is able to address every specialism within the hydrographic profession and related disciplines, at all levels of experience and expertise. It has considerable international influence, and is respected by hydrographic professionals and organisations at governmental and intergovernmental level.

The Federation is recognised throughout the world for promoting the development of hydrography and hydrographic learning by providing unrivalled opportunities for the exchange of ideas and practices.

The Federation provides a global hub for the wider hydrographic community, both individual and corporate, and offers tangible benefits to all classes of membership within the affiliated national societies through a range of products and services. Communication of the Federation's objectives is primarily achieved via IFHS News and this website. These, in turn, are complemented by a series of technical Special Publications and an international programme of conferences and seminars, in addition to informal national and regional evening meetings, workshops and social events organised by the member Societies.

Through its constituent Societies, Federation members (both individual and corporate) include the full spectrum of: contract hydrographic surveyors, government and military personnel, oceanographers, geophysicists, geologists, environmental scientists, civil engineers, port surveyors and operators, academics, project mangers, software engineers, surveyors in all sectors of private practice. Also represented are: petroleum companies, research and educational institutes, environmental protection and monitoring organisations, professional bodies and other associations, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, dredging and salvage contractors and others involved in associated sciences, technologies and applications. These members are drawn from all levels of the profession and are located in over 70 countries throughout the world.

Membership of the Federation is open to national hydrographic societies (or similar organisations) only. Individuals, companies and other organisations wishing to be associated with IFHS must gain access via membership of one its member societies.