HydSoc@The Magpie: Then & Now

Date06 July 2017
VenueThe Magpie, 64 Thames Street, TW16 6AF


HydSoc@TheMagpie: Then and Now is an afternoon networking event celebrating how the hydrographic pioneers and innovators of the last 50 years have influenced and inspired contemporary techniques and equipment.

Forty-five years after the founding of The Hydrographic Society, and just a few days after World Hydrography Day, this event will take place at The Magpie in Sunbury. Located on the picturesque banks of the Thames, the inn played host to over 80 meetings of the Society's first Region (Home Counties West - now Southern). It and those gatherings are now part of the Society's folklore and were recounted by Roger Scrivens FHydSoc in Soundings No. 64.    

Further programme details will be available shortly. 

Registration & Payment

Attendance will be free of charge for members.

Non-members (including those attending MMF59 in Sunbury the following day) are also welcome to attend for a fee of £15 + VAT.

Prior booking is essential for everyone. Registration and payment details will be published here shortly.

For further information about this event please contact us at helen@ths.org.uk.  



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