Management of IFHS

Membership of the Federation is comprised of national hydrographic societies or similar organisations. The founding members were the national hydrographic societies that evolved from the Branches of The (former) Hydrographic Society.

The Federation's structure affords the member national societies the freedom to operate under their own independent constitutions, maintain their own membership databases and determine and collect their own subscriptions whilst maintaining and subscribing to the wider international interests of the hydrographic profession at large.

The Federation is governed by a small Executive Committee comprising of one Representative per national society, observing the principle of one member, one vote. The Operations and Publications Manager and the Hon. Treasurer also advise the Executive in an ex-officio capacity. The Executive usually conducts its business via e-mail, teleconference, virtual meetings, electronic voting and other modern business communications techniques.

Federation Membership is open to any national hydrographic society or similar organisation, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

Member societies must pay annual fees to the Federation. Each society's fees are determined by its total number of members.